Wednesday, October 24, 2012


AAAAAAnd another week goes by.  It feels like time is flying, but not much is actually happening.

Yesterday one of the cats peed on the dining room carpet again.  This is infuriating.  She was peeing there pretty often a few months ago, which is something she never, ever did before moving to this townhouse.  I took her to the vet and spent nearly $600 to be told that “she’s fine, it’s a behavioural issue.”
I covered ½ the floor in tinfoil and she stopped.  Last week we cautiously removed a few feet of foil, hoping to get our room back.   Nope, she peed again.
I’ve spent around $100 on various cleaners that guarantee cats won’t urinate there again, and they have all failed.  We added a 2nd litterbox nearby hoping that it might be a territorial- toilet thing.  It doesn’t get used.
Considering how bad the smell got when she was doing it before (I had to eat dinner in Wife’s studio or go to a restaurant), and we couldn’t invite guests over, the cat will be enjoying her new home at the pound if things don’t improve.  I can’t live like that, and the pound won’t take ME.


  1. Maybe try putting her food in that room? Is it an area rug or a full carpet? Maybe you could isolate her in a crate while you guys are out and gradually make her space bigger once she has a handle on it?

    Have you tried lemon?
    Piss, especially catpiss is the worst! Good luck!

  2. A coworker suggested I take the swinging door off the litterbox we put on the main level of the house. He had the same trouble, and it turned out that his cats didn't like the door.
    I did the same and (knock on wood) it seems to have done the trick.