Thursday, September 29, 2011

Liar or Fool?

A white, nazi-looking guy from suburban ontario goes to a hockey game. As the only black player on the ice skates towards the net, MiniNazi throw a banana at him.
In court, he says he didn't realize there would be racist overtones.

I think they should give him a week in the penitentiary, just to make sure that those overtones are addressed...

Friday, September 23, 2011

No Rest For The Wicked

What a busy couple of weeks!
OLK and I are trying to move into co-op housing. Unfortunately, before getting on the waiting lists, we have to be interviewed. We can't seem to schedule an interview!
Originally it had been scheduled for Monday Sept 26.

To take my sailing course in the British Virgin Islands in February, I have 2 prerequisites to attain. I have to get my VHF Marine Radio license, and take a Coastal Navigation course. Unfortunately, last Tuesday I discovered that the ONLY VHF course for the rest of the year is NEXT WEEK! Monday, Thursday, and Friday. So I had to book it and bump the interview.

OLK testily agreed to reschedule it, and booked it for Oct 1 (she didn't tell me the date before booking). A Saturday should be safe, right? Wrong. Because of the course taking up my evenings, I had to schedule a work project for that Saturday. So OLK had to call and change it AGAIN. Now they've booked us for the middle of October. I'm not sure if that's because they're booked up until then, or they're just annoyed that we keep changing it. It's frustrating, but we're just too busy to get to it before then anyway.

My upcoming week:
Tonight: Sail
Saturday: Sail (committed months ago, important catch-up stuff for the competitive teams)
Sunday: 1 Year Anniversary (wooooo)
Monday: VHF course
Tuesday: See The Odd Couple with OLK at Soulpepper
Wednesday: Sail (committed ages ago, same as Saturday)
Thursday: VHF course
Friday: VHF course
Saturday: Work
Sunday: Fall over

And hopefully at some point in the next few weeks, i'll have time to demo the new songs that have been bouncing through my head...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Family Man

I spent the past weekend visiting my family.
I arrived at their house around noon, and as soon as I got there my Dad and sisters rushed out for a few hours. At first I was annoyed, but then realized that they had been looking forward to an afternoon without having to babysit my mum. Then I realized my role for the weekend, grabbed a book and went upstairs to read beside her.

She occasionally asked me questions: "What is your girls name? Do you want to get married? Does SHE want to get married?" It was worthwhile being there, for her as well as me. It was nice to look up every once in a while and see her watching me and smiling. On the Sunday, my brother and I were both keeping her company. She was so excited, grinning and exclaiming "MY BOYS! MY BOYS ARE HERE!"

Also, my brother and father needed a break. One of them is always home with her, and they both valued being able to go out for a few hours without having to juggle their schedules or compromise. I need to visit more often, to take my share of the load. Besides, it's a good time to get some reading logged.

The visit also reminded me how important family is. My dad is showing more devotion and patience than I've ever seen. It's really endearing. And when OLK and I are old and decrepit, I hope we can show this level of support to each other. For all the time that spouses take each other for granted, or forget all the unseen acts of kindness, it's important to remember that you're there for each other.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Reinforced Goal

I spent the entire weekend sailing. Saturday was fun, 3' waves, hot sun, and a warm breeze.
But Sunday was THE day. Two of us sailed out to Ashbridges Bay, about a mile from the shore. We cleated the sails and tiller to keep the boat floating and not anchored (way too deep), but stationary. It's technically called "heaving to." This was the first time I'd performed the maneuver, and I was actually quite excited to see if it would work. It worked perfectly. We sat and chatted, eating a huge homemade lunch. After that, we just laid on the deck for 30 minutes or so, soaking up the sun and enjoying the quiet.
There were a couple of boats on the horizon, and the only sound we heard was the small waves lapping at the yacht's hull as they rocked us almost to sleep. PERFECT.

I really want to find a way to do this every day. All I need is around a million dollars. Or $200,000 and a low-paying internet-based job.

Friday, September 9, 2011


I haven't visited my family since May. It's been for a few reasons. OLK has been busy, and I know she wants to join me - she likes them too. I've been busy, sailing, working, and just enjoying my summer.
And also because it's uncomfortable to see my mother in her current state. I think she occasionally recognizes us, but often doesn't appear to. She keeps that smile on her face that I know she uses when she thinks she's supposed to know someone she doesn't. It's hard to see that.

But I've decided to spend the weekend after next with them. OLK can't come, it'll just be me, but it needs to be done. I'll take a couple of books and just sit beside her, so if she looks up she might see her son. And I'm NOT looking forward to it…