Thursday, September 29, 2011

Liar or Fool?

A white, nazi-looking guy from suburban ontario goes to a hockey game. As the only black player on the ice skates towards the net, MiniNazi throw a banana at him.
In court, he says he didn't realize there would be racist overtones.

I think they should give him a week in the penitentiary, just to make sure that those overtones are addressed...


  1. What makes him Nazi-looking? Short blond hair, blue eyes? Button-down shirt with tie? That describes about a quarter of Bay Street.

    Also, I seriously didn't know bananas were racist. I thought they just tasted awful and were a slipping hazard.

  2. The banana-throwing fans should be banned from all future games. That sort of racist thing has been going on in Euro football for a while and I believed they banned entire fan sections because of it. But moreover, like waffle-tosser at the Leafs game last year, if the puck is in play (and I don't know it was or not in this case), throwing anything on the ice is a major hazard for the players.

  3. Yes, that makes him Nazi-looking, and yes i feel that way about 1/4 of Bay St too.

    I hadn't thought of the safety issue, but yeah - that too.