Friday, September 23, 2011

No Rest For The Wicked

What a busy couple of weeks!
OLK and I are trying to move into co-op housing. Unfortunately, before getting on the waiting lists, we have to be interviewed. We can't seem to schedule an interview!
Originally it had been scheduled for Monday Sept 26.

To take my sailing course in the British Virgin Islands in February, I have 2 prerequisites to attain. I have to get my VHF Marine Radio license, and take a Coastal Navigation course. Unfortunately, last Tuesday I discovered that the ONLY VHF course for the rest of the year is NEXT WEEK! Monday, Thursday, and Friday. So I had to book it and bump the interview.

OLK testily agreed to reschedule it, and booked it for Oct 1 (she didn't tell me the date before booking). A Saturday should be safe, right? Wrong. Because of the course taking up my evenings, I had to schedule a work project for that Saturday. So OLK had to call and change it AGAIN. Now they've booked us for the middle of October. I'm not sure if that's because they're booked up until then, or they're just annoyed that we keep changing it. It's frustrating, but we're just too busy to get to it before then anyway.

My upcoming week:
Tonight: Sail
Saturday: Sail (committed months ago, important catch-up stuff for the competitive teams)
Sunday: 1 Year Anniversary (wooooo)
Monday: VHF course
Tuesday: See The Odd Couple with OLK at Soulpepper
Wednesday: Sail (committed ages ago, same as Saturday)
Thursday: VHF course
Friday: VHF course
Saturday: Work
Sunday: Fall over

And hopefully at some point in the next few weeks, i'll have time to demo the new songs that have been bouncing through my head...


  1. Good luck with the co-op and that is so fantastic about your sailing in the British Virgin Islands.