Monday, September 12, 2011

A Reinforced Goal

I spent the entire weekend sailing. Saturday was fun, 3' waves, hot sun, and a warm breeze.
But Sunday was THE day. Two of us sailed out to Ashbridges Bay, about a mile from the shore. We cleated the sails and tiller to keep the boat floating and not anchored (way too deep), but stationary. It's technically called "heaving to." This was the first time I'd performed the maneuver, and I was actually quite excited to see if it would work. It worked perfectly. We sat and chatted, eating a huge homemade lunch. After that, we just laid on the deck for 30 minutes or so, soaking up the sun and enjoying the quiet.
There were a couple of boats on the horizon, and the only sound we heard was the small waves lapping at the yacht's hull as they rocked us almost to sleep. PERFECT.

I really want to find a way to do this every day. All I need is around a million dollars. Or $200,000 and a low-paying internet-based job.

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  1. It brings me so much joy that you have discovered this new passion. I love hearing all about it when you come home and you just light up about it all. I love you.