Thursday, April 28, 2011

Return From Whence You Came

I live 19 floors above the ground.  I have my windows wide open, enjoying the fresh air.
At least I was.

For the last hour, my living room has stank of Indian food.  Specifically poppadoms.  We have no Indian food in the house.  You can't smell it on the balcony, so it's not coming from outside.  You can't smell it in the hallway, so it's not coming from the neighbours.

Weird.  And not a good weird...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things Seen At Work Today

I was at work today, passing a coworker's cubicle.
Without meaning to, I glanced at his screen   The page looked familiar - it was a forum i used to be a member of.  And i'm pretty sure it was a kinky one.  What he's doing reading it at work i'll never guess.  Iiiinnnnttteeerrrresssssttttiinnnnnng.

Also today at work, I saw a coworker's sailing calendar.  "Oh," I remarked.  "Is that a Tartan?" 
Now I have a regular sailing gig once or twice a week for the summer on my coworker's yacht.  That should be fun, and keep the devil away from my idle hands.

And during a little bit of downtime, I checked my University Website.  My marks have been posted.  I'm done, graduating an A student.  Woooooo.  That and a twoonie will get me a coffee at Starbucks. As long as I don't want a big one or fancy stuff in it.

Not a bad day.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Location, Location, Location

Yesterday I was watching a documentary about World War 2.  They were referring to a man who enlisted in the United States Navy in late 1944.  "He was only 15 when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour," they told.  "He tried to enlist but was turned away for being too young.  On his 18th birthday, he returned and joined up."
Quite an admirable ideal, but it really struck home.

My grandfather was either 16 or 17 when Britain declared war on Nazi Germany.  Like the American would 2 years later, he rushed down to the Enlistment Office.  The difference?  My grandfather was told "you're too young.  Walk around the block and come back when you're 18."  He left, walked around the block, and when asked upon his return he said he was eighteen.

The point?  America was thousands of miles away from the threat.  England was within rocket distance.  England didn't have the comfort zone to be picky about who they chose.

I think we should keep that in mind, with all the conflicts going on half a world away.  We're looking at Iraq and Afghanistan (not to mention the widespread revolutions going on) from the eyes, values, and security of an incredible distance.  Assigning our morals isn't working.

I'm not trying to say what (or that) we should change, just that we should keep in mind that we're still somewhat outsiders in these situations...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Last Thursday I wrote my last exam for university.  I'm done.  Certified, as opposed to certifiable.  I either did REALLY well, or REALLY badly.  It was suspiciously easy.
Then on Saturday I finished an exhausting project at work.  Lots of hours, lots of chaos, only one problem.  And I stomped the problem down quickly.
Saturday night I went out for a great dinner with OLK and a couple of friends who were also celebrating their anniversary that night.  Steaks, wine, and funny stories... wow.  The shocker, to be honest, was being told that my first wife habitually short-changed our share of the bill at restaurants!  I was mortified to discover that!  For all the issues we had, I never would have thought it.  But apparently she was.

Last night I came home at 5pm, and it felt like i was playing hooky.  Running home at lunchtime...

So much free time now, it's wild.  I feel like I'm floating.  I've got a singing lesson tomorrow, but after that?  Nothing until next week's singing lesson.

Well, time to sign off and put on a StandUp Comedy compilation DVD that Old Lady Katy gave me.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Still Here

I will write my last university exam on Thursday night. My final project was submitted last night. On Saturday I'll finish a 6-figure, last-minute, frantic mess of a project at work. Hopefully that night I'll be able to go out for a birthday dinner. And Sunday I will sleep.

I've got a heavier workload than I did last December, when I finished my previous course. But I'm dealing with it much better this time. Then, I was living on coffee and Tylenol 2s (and occasionally 3s). I was barely sleeping and was virtually a zombie.
This time, I'm fine. I'm sleeping well, I'm not having mood swings. It's comfortable to the point where I'm wondering what is missing.
I think the difference is that I've been working out 3 or 4 times a week. I have more energy, expend my frustration in the gym, and don't get as stressed because my day is broken nicely by the gym, sauna, and shower.

Still, I'm pretty tired. But I'm so close…..

And to boot, I think I'll pass the course and graduate even if I fail Thursday's exam. It's a nice, safe, feeling.