Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Last Thursday I wrote my last exam for university.  I'm done.  Certified, as opposed to certifiable.  I either did REALLY well, or REALLY badly.  It was suspiciously easy.
Then on Saturday I finished an exhausting project at work.  Lots of hours, lots of chaos, only one problem.  And I stomped the problem down quickly.
Saturday night I went out for a great dinner with OLK and a couple of friends who were also celebrating their anniversary that night.  Steaks, wine, and funny stories... wow.  The shocker, to be honest, was being told that my first wife habitually short-changed our share of the bill at restaurants!  I was mortified to discover that!  For all the issues we had, I never would have thought it.  But apparently she was.

Last night I came home at 5pm, and it felt like i was playing hooky.  Running home at lunchtime...

So much free time now, it's wild.  I feel like I'm floating.  I've got a singing lesson tomorrow, but after that?  Nothing until next week's singing lesson.

Well, time to sign off and put on a StandUp Comedy compilation DVD that Old Lady Katy gave me.

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  1. Enjoy the well-earned moment of having a regular work week!