Thursday, June 16, 2011

Racing, But Not

Racing last night was a little anti-climactic. It was my first time as a member of the new crew, and I was determined to not let the side down. I had to pull the main halyard to the point where my right arm is aching badly and I'm popping T2s like candy.
This is a 'low-end' club, and not all the boats are equal. To make it fair, the sailboats are rotate between teams each week. This was our week on the crap boat. Our goal for the night was not to come in last. And in that we succeeded - first race had us in 2nd Last Place.
Our second race got cancelled midway through, when the wind completely disappeared for over 30 minutes. It was demoralizing, but again we weren't (quite) at the back of the pack.

It wasn't racing, so much as floating with an intended destination...

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  1. This is so great that you are making dream a reality. Soon you'll be sailing in the Carribbean