Thursday, February 16, 2012


Last August I was having a rough time.
Frustrated with work, stress, and life in general, I was at a low point. I blogged about it, and it was a tough one to write. Racist slurs, hate, it was pretty bad. I’ve read it a few times since then, and noticed that as soon as I wrote it, I started to feel better. Reading the typeface seemed to clarify my position. Every time I read it, I see how bad I was, and have made an effort to not let the bullshit affect me.
I’m doing much better now and am really glad I wrote that tough post. I’m also going to try restarting this blogging thing, as it is obviously therapeutic. And who knows, maybe people will start reading me again…


  1. No one uses their blog for therapy more than I do! Glad to see that it helped you. And welcome back.

  2. Rox, can you email me your blog? i've lost it...