Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Cop Hair Gave It Away

As I rode along the street, I saw a grey car parked on the north side of the street.  It was the generic sedan notable for being police cars.  I could see two heads above the tops of the seats:  short, neat cuts.  Cop hair.  Out of place in this sketchy drug addled neighbourhood, where every morning I’m reminded of “The Walking Dead” as I pass through.

Suddenly the grey car jerked into motion, cutting off vehicles approaching the intersection.  It completed its U-turn in front of a “beauty spa” as another similar car approached from the opposite direction.  The screetched to a stop nose-to-nose maybe a foot apart.  At the same time, I saw a handful of people rushing towards the spa, all with Kevlar vests bulging at their collars.
A large black woman was watching from the bus stop across the street, and I rode right past her as she was speaking into something on her wrist describing what was happening.

I kept riding through the intersection and on my route to work.  I kinda wanted to stay and watch the action, but have learned to just keeeeeep on going.  I’m curious to see what the news sites say.

These are the things that I love about city life.  You don't usually get this random excitement in the 'burbs.

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  1. LOL The closest thing to happen out here is when the coppers showed up next door to give the neighbors shit about their dog.