Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I'm a busy guy. You can tell because I still haven't been able to write about my holiday…

I work Monday to Friday 9-5(ish). There's also overtime/ evening/ weekend work on top of that.
I have singing lessons on Tuesday evenings.
I go to university on Thursday evenings.
On Sundays, the only time I'm alone, I try to work on my music.
This leaves me 3 evenings and Saturdays for myself. Given that I was told recently that the homework/ classtime ratio should be roughly 3:1, that takes care of my other weekday evenings.

I'm also surprisingly flabby. I've wanted to exercise for a couple of years now. I gained around 30lbs when I quit smoking. Combining that with my taste for beer and a desk-job, I'm in need of some shaping up. A couple of times a year I try to set a workout regimen, but after a couple of weeks I get bogged down with life and drop out. By the time I finish work I'm often tired, hungry and frustrated. Not exactly the best shape to do anything.

A coworker invited me today, to get a membership at a fancy-pants "executive" gym with him. I don't need the fancy, or the inflated costs of a Bay St gym, but the lunchtime schedule might be just what I need. It'll give me an excuse to NOT work for an hour. It'll give me a way to expend frustration in my day. And it'll give me something to do other than head to the pub for a fattening comfort-meal, returning with beer on my breath and gravy on my tie. 
Plus, with us both committing, there's someone to shout "Hey, it's time." Backing out on someone else who expects the company and support makes it much harder to shirk.

Another bonus is that I'll have to go shopping for workout clothes…

To be honest, as Kevin Spaces shouted in 'American Beauty', I JUST WANNA LOOK GOOD NAKED!

I'll let you know if I actually go through with this commitment.

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  1. I don't even know what to say about this. LOL! Good luck on the goal!