Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Update

Sorry, it's been a couple of weeks since I dropped in.

Life is good, if busy. If I'm not working, I'm sailing. If I'm not sailing, I'm working. That's life this summer. I'm trying to log as many hours as possible, as each hour on the water makes it a safer sport. I'm still learning new tricks almost every time. Besides, I won't be able to do this in the winter, so I'm packing in as much outdoor time as possible.
One point of contention is that OLK and I are spending very little time together these days. We're blessed with benefits. She's busy with acting roles, and booked most evenings that I'm home. Unfortunately neither of our schedules are flexible, so it'll have to stay this way for a bit.

Having said that, I could have done better this weekend. I went for my usual Friday night sail from 6 to 9pm. At nine, we brought the boat back in and opened a few bottles of beer. At 4:30am the last 5 of us decided to leave the club and head home! Plastered. OLK woke me up a few hours later when she was leaving for work, to let me know that she was mad. If she'd woke up at 4am and noticed that I wasn't home, she apparently would have phoned the police, worried.
Later that morning, I woke up and went back to the sailing club for a social event. Only half of the previous night's endeavor were able to get out of bed. Unfortunately, the event organizers were in the "stay in bed" crowd. We had a great time anyway, but got home before midnight.

It's way too easy to drink at this place. Friendly people, and a neverending supply of beer means I often stay for "1 more." I'm going to try to abstain on the weeknights, as I agree that it's getting to be too much. Working out at the gym is getting harder again, and I'm going to start looking my age soon.

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  1. I guess the winter will be your time for your music! I think your abstinence during weekdays is a good idea for balance. Or at least some moderation. And a million congrats to OLK about all the roles