Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Civic Holiday Weekend

I just returned from a fantastic long weekend.

Two good friends of mine have a trailer at a campground, and I joined them for 3 days.

Friday afternoon, J and I drove up to the site, stopping for a disgusting lunch at Dairy Queen. I felt squidgy for a few hours, J's stomach problems lasted for 2 days.
We got to the trailer, grabbed a handful of beers and headed for the pool. It was a quiet night, early to bed.
Saturday was spent either reading in the shade, or swimming again. Saturday night we all headed to bed early again. J and I are usually the rowdy ones, but neither of us felt up to an evening of debauchery.
Sunday morning OLK drove up to spend the rest of the weekend with us. It was great to see her, and she even arrived early enough to enjoy the breakfast we set aside for her. More swimming, reading, and chatting with so many friends. As the afternoon wore on, we pulled out the 100-proof vodka for VODKA SLUSHIES! They went down fast and easy in the hot sun, and we got drunk quickly.
Monday was disappointing - we just packed up and headed home. OLK for a rehearsal, and me for pizza and TV.

A very good weekend.

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  1. Finally catching up. That sounds like a great week-end. TM and I were unpacking/sorting all week-end. Blech.