Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Twiggy Crap Sex

Seven men in Whitby, Ontario were charged with having sex in a park. In a couple of days, I expect to see some sort of "discrimination" complaint against the police, and that's not right.

Illicit park-sex was a significant part of gay culture. Back when you could be jailed for your orientation, some gay men would marry women, live "the straight life," and sneak off to the playground to … well… to play. I can't imagine how hard a life that would have to be, to hide such an intrinsic part of ones self. But that's for a generation (or two) before mine.
In 2011, in Southern Ontario especially, there is no excuse for this. Get a hotel room and do whatever you like. Go to a bathhouse for $10. Whatever. There's no reason to still roll around in the twigs and dog crap. And don't forget to remove your used condoms if you do, because chances are the leftovers are what caused the complaints in the first place!


  1. It's also the stuff of teenage years, which is why I suppose some people cling to that behaviour.
    So if seven men were charged, were they all together or were they paired up? Who was the odd man out? These are the questions I WANT ANSWERED! :D

  2. Well, I feel sorry for these guys. They may still be closeted* and I think unless it was midday that the cops can find something better to do with their time.

    *Thankfully many guys are free to come out now but for some it may not be possible. Also... a bathhouse? In Whitby?

  3. Teenagers would be a different story. These guys were above their mid-40s.
    As for being closeted, i find it offensive in southern ontario to BE closeted. It's a flip-off to everyone who took a risk to come out.
    And they could get a hotel room if they can't get to a bathhouse...