Friday, August 24, 2012


Feeling nostalgic today.

Here's the first place I lived when I moved to Toronto, February 9, 1996.
1027 Bathurst Street.

This rooming house was where I shared my kitchen and bathroom with:
a) friendly drug dealer who became my friend and beat up the racist, homophobic homeless guy that stole my girlfriend at my 22nd birthday party.
b) the sketchy "refugee" that used to tell me stories about fighting the war in his home...
land as a teenager.
c) the junkie that dated "One-Eyed June." He used to leave 1/2-eaten hamburgers behind the toilet, and ... didn't wipe.
There was no insulation in the outside wall, and the house was overrun with rodents and cockroaches.  The infestation was so bad that I'd go to sleep every morning hearing the mouse claws scratching at my (thankfully) metal futon frame, unable to climb up.

It was a terrible place to have to live, but i survived it for 7 months until I could afford something cleaner/ nicer/ private.  It was a hell of a learning experience, acclimatizing me to city life very quickly.


  1. I'm always nostalgic, so I can relate!

    You had a girlfriend who left you for a HOMELESS guy?! Wow. She must have had some major issues.

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  3. She had issues, that's for sure. But the relationship was dying anyway, when I saw them making out on the kitchen floor I was more upset that he'd been drinking my vodka!