Thursday, August 16, 2012

Weird Week

I’m back!  I’ve figured out how I can still blog even though these are now blocked from my office.  They may be a little late, but they’re hopefully just as (ir)relevant as they were when originally written hours before.

Wife has been away for a few days, visiting family and getting a much-needed break from the city.  This has left me to my own devices, and so far it’s been an interesting week.

Monday night I was home watching TV.  I decided to go outside for a cigar and a beer.  As I reached for to the humidor, I realized that there was a couple outside having an argument.  After choosing my cigar, and getting 2 bottles of beer from the fridge (40-minute cigar, 20-minute beers, works well), I headed to my front door.  As I opened the door, I realized that my neighbours were on our shared stoop having their “domestic.”
Having no shame, I walked out and lit my cigar while mumbling “hope I’m not intruding…”  They didn’t seem to care.  They stopped momentarily in surprise when a cute 20-ish girl in minishorts and a bikini top walked up our lane and climbed the stairs.  She turned to the 3rd door and knocked.  “Hi, I’m Vanessa” she said.  The prostitute was quickly ushered inside, and the door closed behind her.

Apparently there is NO privacy in this townhouse complex.

A few minutes later, the police arrived.  They had been called by another neighbour who was upset by the argument, and had accused the husband of making threats (that I don’t recall him actually saying).  By this time there were a couple other neighbours sitting on the front steps chatting, drinking, and basically enjoying the show.  This went on quite late, and I only got a few hours’ sleep before having to get up for work the following morning.

Then, last night I went sailing.  That 2-beer plan went out the window at the 4th or 5th bottle, and I got home shortly before 2am.  I had a great time, but felt like crap this morning.

The plan tonight is to head home relatively early, but we’ll see if that sticks.

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  1. Wow, who needs cable with neighbors like that?! Awesome!