Saturday, August 4, 2012

Signing Off

My office sent out a memo a few days ago, banning the access of social media on business equipment.  It specifies blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.
Since I really only have time to blog while at work, the likelihood of this site being updated isn't hopeful.  I sometimes get the feeling that they're just looking for a reason to let me go, and don't want to give them the ammo.

For anyone that knows my real identity, look me up on Facebook - i'll at least be checking that AFTER work...

For the rest of you, this is probably Adios.

And as a goodbye, here's a song i'm currently fascinated with:


  1. Well this is a bum job since you're one of my faves! I love that you started blogging again and I've looked forward to updates and hearing about your life.

    I'm not on the Facebook, but I'm on Twitter, real name. That's probably not allowed either though. :( Take care of yourself and stay out of trouble!

  2. I love that song! It's cool that Boy George covered it. I didn't even know he was still doing stuff.