Thursday, March 17, 2011

Athletic Support

At the gym, many people wear flip-flops in the steam room, sauna, and showers. Apparently this protects you from Athlete's Foot.
Today, after working out, I headed to the steam room with a towel wrapped around me. Two other men arrived (separately) not long after, both buck naked except for their flip-flops.  They sat down for a good long sweat.
If you're worried about your feet picking up a disease, wouldn't you be a bit more concerned about slapping your sweaty genitalia on the tile seats???

ed.note:  Let's see how many hits I get from dirty perverts searching "sweaty genitalia."


  1. YUCK! That's fucking disgusting! Tell me you're wearing flip flops in there. Dude, you'll get will-nots in between your toes. Gag!

  2. HIH, why did your page come from a Google-search of "sweaty genitalia"???
    haha, it was really disconcerting. and YES, i wear flipflops. And a towel.