Friday, March 11, 2011

Bad Start

This morning, I got into the elevator at the top of my high-rise apartment building. There was a mother already in there with her son. Her son had pushed EVERY BUTTON between our floor and the lobby. The mother idiotically smiled and shrugged.

When we finally made it to the lobby, the mother decided to teach her son some independence, and had him open the doors while setting up their umbrella. Keeping 4 or 5 of us frustrated and trying to squeeze past these morons.

When I made it to the subway station, a different MoronMom left her stroller blocking ALL THREE turnstiles while she dug through her purse to show the attendant her pass. Again, keeping everyone else from heading to work.

As I came down the stairs to the subway platform, a grey-haired man ahead of me stopped, in my path. Blocking the only way from the staircase to the platform.
I grumbled ‘excuse me’ and pushed past, hoping to not miss my train due to the 3 obstacles so far.

Of course, the subway doors opened to display a nearly empty car. That is, it was displayed over the two teenage boys that were standing in the doorway with their backs to the platform. They hadn’t looked to see if anyone was trying to get on, and didn’t seem to care. At this point, I pushed through angrily, shouting “f***ing MOVE!”
One of them looked at me, puffing out his chest, and confronted me. “What’s YOUR promlem?”
“A***oles like you are allowed to live with the humans,” I shouted. “get the fuck out of the way next time, or somebody might shove you under the f***ing tracks!”

I’m not having a good day.

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