Friday, March 18, 2011

Higher Learning

Last night was a beautiful, abnormally warm evening. I had an hour and a half between finishing work and starting my night-school class. It was a great opportunity to buy a fancy cigar, a large coffee, and peoplewatch for an hour. Since OLK won't let me smoke them indoors, now that it's starting to warm up I'm enjoying them while I can.  Unfortunately I didn't see the group of drunk university girls flashing passersby, just around the corner out of my sightline...

I also ran into an old professor while having my smoke, and we chatted for 15 or 20 minutes about our jobs, Project Management, and he even apologized for arguing with me in class one day.  We'd had a large (public) disagreement, and in the students the following year, someone else had disagreed like I did.  The prof then realized that he'd been wrong, and cited me as an example of a Project Manager that stands up for what he thinks he knows even when it conflicts with "the authority."  It was strange and unexpected, but reassuring.
Class was interesting: we had to submit our take-home midterm exam. Out of the four classmates who compared our exams before handing them in, I seem to be the only person who did it correctly. And I DO believe I did it correctly…
For the next month, I will be bogged down with the large class project before writing the final exam April 14. That will be my last day as a university student. For now.

I won't be resting on my heels though. Next week I'll be signing up for May sailing lessons at the Toronto Harbourfront Centre. Once I complete the first-level course, I've been invited to a weekly sail on a co-worker's boat. That should keep me interested and occupied through the summer.

Also, I've been taking singing lessons for the last ten months. Unfortunately this will also come to an end in the next few months as my teacher is moving out of the city in the summer.

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