Thursday, March 3, 2011

Weekend Ahead

Two months ago I visited my parents. This was the first time seeing my mum since her dementia kicked in.
At that point, she was halfway through her month-long stay in the hospital. In late January, she was allowed to go home with nurses visiting a few times a day to take care of her.

I haven't been able to visit since, but that's where I'm going this weekend. I normally wait longer than this, but I want to spend more time there if possible. Let them know I care… And I don’t really trust the status updates I get emailed from my family, they're too subjective. Aside from the time it takes out of a busy life, it's pretty expensive to go there often. Car rentals are an expected chunk of change, but hotels are adding up too. I don't want my parents to feel pressured to play host if I sleep at their house.

Last time we stayed there, we were stuck at a $150/night hotel, which is pretty pricey for small-town Ontario. This time I racked my brain to remember the less-fancy hotels in the area. I phoned a few for rates and information, and decided not to stay at any of those run-down dives. I discovered a mid-level Comfort Inn that's more affordable but still clean, so I booked that.

As well as visiting the family Friday night and Saturday day, I'll be spending Saturday night going out with an old friend that I rarely see. The only one-on-one time we've had in the last few years was the morning after my bachelor party, and I miss that. OLK won't be coming with me as she has to work, and i'm sure she could use some time alone or with her friends.  So the two of us will go out barhopping and then I'll be crashing on her sofa (while she's safely tucked away with her husband - don't give me grief).

Sunday I'll simply drive home, before going to dinner and then a standup comedy show that OLK's friend is in.

This should be a productive weekend. Will it reach 'good' status?


  1. Wishing you the best. It's good that your mum has homecare.

  2. Have you considered looking for a B & B? It might be cheaper if you're going to make more frequent visits to see your mom. I hope you have a good weekend with them!