Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Sorry I haven't had a chance to write much this week. Not a lot has happened.
I've been working on my take-home Mid-term exam for university. And that's really about it.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to see my parents. I was worried about my mum, not really trusting the assessments my brother emails me about her health. He sees things differently than I.
She's happy. That's the main thing. The last time I saw her she was in the hospital, begging relentlessly to be taken home. She'd forget that she had just asked, and ask again. So now she's home and surrounded by familiar places and faces. Unfortunately her mind is pretty much gone at this point. On Friday night, she spent a couple of hours singing the theme to The Beverly Hillbillies. Emphatically, and every time she got to "next thing you know ole Jed's a millionaire" she'd raise her hand and point at one of us. When I left for the evening, she looked at me and asked if I was coming back tomorrow. Saturday she didn't talk, just reread the same magazine all day, occasionally peering over the top to smile at me. When I left to come home, I told her I was leaving. "Yes" was all she replied. She didn't even look up.
So my mother, as I know her, has gone I think. But at least she's happy, in some sort of 'pleasant Groundhog Day'.
I left reassured that she's getting the care she needs, and isn't suffering.

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  1. That must be hard to see but I admire your attitude that she isn't suffering