Friday, May 6, 2011

The Luxury of Wealth

I'm a member of a very expensive gym in Toronto's financial district.
I like it because there is a lot of equipment. I like it because it is clean. I like it because it is the only gym close enough that I can go and have a solid workout during my lunch hour.

And yesterday, I discovered another reason I like my expensive gym: I did my workout, and returned to find that I'd left my locker wide open. I had a wallet with around $100 in it, a $1000 watch, a Blackberry, and my wedding ring all sitting in full view at the front of my locker. And for the full 40 minutes I was in the gym, nobody stole anything.

I don't believe it's because wealthier people (the kind that usually use this facility) are more honest. Far from it! But I think it would be less enticing, not worth their time. I'm likely one of the poorest members. Scum. Filth. The tattooed freak with Ministry and The Jesus & Mary Chain blasting from his (outdated) iPod. Not worth stealing his worthless possessions.
And hooray for that.

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