Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wet Wet Weekend

This weekend I start my sailing course at the Toronto Harbourfront Centre.
For the next 2 weekends, I'll learn an incredible amount of stuff (complete list here). I'm quite prepared. I already understand the mechanics of the sport, which sail does what, etc… I have bought and read Sailing For Dummies, The Complete Sailor, and The Sailing Bible (apparently it's good to keep a bible in the house, and this is my preferred version).  I have also decided on the $250,000 yacht I want.

I got a bit of a shock this morning, though. Along with the 3-degree (Celcius) temparature this morning, the weekend is now expected to be cold and rainy. GREEEAAAATTT. That sounds like the perfect environment to be out on Lake Ontario!

Then again, if I enjoy myself this weekend, getting out on the lake in iffy weather shouldn't be a concern later this summer.


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  2. Good luck! I learned to kayak at Harbourfront. People in big boats can be incredibly rude.

  3. Good for you! You certainly do sound prepared and although it does sound like the weather will suck, you're right that this means that you'll be ready for anything.

  4. CM: Thanks, i expect to fit in well.

    Snooze: I'll deal with it. I spend 40 hours a week in an office, this can't be worse.