Thursday, May 26, 2011

Temporary Escape

I booked this week off work.
Friday afternoon, i headed to a friend's trailer park for the long weekend.  There, we spent our time drinking, eating, building decks, and generally having a great time.  It was tough to return on Monday.
Tuesday I worked on music, and now have my new album half mixed.  Then I went down to my sailing club for a casual race.  I spent 2 hours pulling jib sheets as hard as I could, often not able to pull as hard as the skipper wanted.  Yesterday I realized that although I had the lines wrapped around the winch for relief, I wasn't actually turning the winch!  D'oh.!  I won't make that mistake again.
Yesterday I had a quiet morning, and then walked downtown for my singing lesson.  Then, back home to study for today's test.
Today I'll be writing my Basic Cruising Standard.  It's expected to take 2 hours.  Some of it will be complicated, and some will be simple.  From the study guide:
What indicates that fog is on the way?  A fog bank closing in.
"A buoyant heaving line must be able to float...." Ummm, isn't that what makes it BUOYANT???
There were lots of intelligent stuff, but i'm generally focussed on the silly.
After writing the test, a friend and I will be taking a boat out for a sail around the Toronto Islands.  It's too foggy to ogle the nudists at Hanlan's Point, but we're hoping the rain will hold off long enough to enjoy a cigar during the slow downwind (eastward) run.  Then we'll be getting drunk in the clubhouse.
Tomorrow I'm planning on more mixing.  I really want to get a solid preliminary mix of the remaining songs before we leave the city for the weekend.
Saturday we go to Kingston for a "cousinfest" with OLK's family.  They have 7 or 8 cousins within a 5-year age gap, so they all get together with spouses a couple of times a year.
Then Sunday we'll be visiting my family for the afternoon.  I'm not sure how that will go.  Along with my mum's dementia, my aunt is over visiting from England.  This is the aunt who kicked me out of her house on New Year's Eve when I was visiting, causing me to book a costly hotel for the week after.  We didn't speak for 2 years, and have been civilly emailing each other with concerns about my parents.  OLK is curious to meet her, but i'm a little wary.
Then, Monday I'll be back slaving for a wage.

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