Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Update - move done

Wow, what a weekend!
Saturday we moved into our new house. Wife was away playing a couple of shows Friday night and Saturday afternoon, so I took care of the details myself. Intentionally. I’m sure this saved a day of fighting.

We had friends coming to help move the furniture, and everything small enough to fit into a car was already moved. So it would be a fairly quick relocation. Everyone showed up around 12:30, and we filled the moving van twice. The first trip also had the 2 cats with us. Lou moaned loudly the entire 10-minute drive. I don’t remember him stopping for air, just one loud waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. However, they were quite happy when we shut them in Wife’s studio while we unloaded. The second trip was unloaded by around 3:30, and the friends dove into the beer and rye that were ready for drinking.

One friend and I returned the cargo van to the company, nearly getting into a fistfight with a jerk at the gas station. Thankfully he backed off, and neither of us had to spend the evening in either the hospital or jail (and either/both were likely at the time). We returned to the new house at around 4pm, broke open the beer and expensive Cohiba Esplendidos cigars that were given to me. I had been waiting for a long time to smoke one of those, but couldn’t find an occasion to burn a $75 cigar. So that afternoon, 4 of us each smoked one. Absolutely delicious…
After a handful of drinks each, we went to the pub for dinner. And more booze. Most of us have blurry recollections of going home after about 8 hours of imbibing…

Yesterday we spent most of the day unpacking, and got through most of it before heading out to see The Hunger Games. Wife loved it, I hated it. Then it was home to bed.

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  1. Hunger Games...meh. It's all everyone is talking about. My daughter left her books here for me to read, I can't be bothered! I'd rather see a comedy or two hours of sleep.

    Glad the move went smoothly!