Monday, March 12, 2012

What Happened to the Weekend?

The weekend flew by.

Thursday night, I only had a few drinks. However, I woke up Friday with the most debilitating hangover ever. I went to work for an hour or so before going home “with the flu.” I spent the day sleeping on the sofa before going out Friday night to play poker. I lost my $10 buy-in for the first game, but walked away with $70 when I won the second. I also had a great evening hanging out with friends. Not bad at all.

Saturday I got up and rushed to Home Depot to buy a few things for the new house. Then I spent the afternoon building stands for my amplifiers and guitars. In the new house, my recording studio will be the basement. Unfortunately, in the unlikely event of a sewer backup, it will enter through the basement floor. To minimize the damage, I bought a few 2x4s, and build sturdy stands that will keep everything at least 6” off the floor. Then I went to band rehearsal, where I wore down FOUR picks in 3 hours. To put it in perspective, in 25 years of playing I have never gone through more than 1 pick for about 20 hours’ rehearsal! That shows how hard and fast I’m strumming with this stuff.

Sunday was a special day for Kate at her church, so I went along for support. She did really well. We rushed out, had a quick sandwich, and got down to the new house for more painting and other home improvements. Then grocery shopping (the first in 6 weeks), dinner at about 9pm, and I dove into bed exhausted.

Today I’m back at work, where I can (relatively) relax.

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  1. I hope the new house never has sewer back up...that shit is awful.