Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Money and Time, they don't add up

Monday night was spent at the new house again. Painting, putting stuff together, fixing, cleaning… the list is endless.
Leaving at around 10pm, I noticed that there was a strange reflection on the car. Nope, not a reflection. Some jerk had sideswiped the car and just driven away. There are a lot of scratches (and a couple of small dents) around the passenger-side rear quarter panel. Nice. It’s not even my car! I can’t do anything for a couple of weeks, as we have absolutely no time, but at the end of the month I’ll have to look around for a fix that hopefully doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

One of the cats is at the vet today to have a couple of teeth pulled. The vet says that the lesions on the teeth probably hurt her, but would have come on so gradually that she probably doesn’t notice. She’s always such a happy cat. Still, there’s another $500-700 gone.

When I went to the Virgin Islands in February, it was on the promise that the next family vacation would be Manhattan in the fall. With these financial issues (and the move costing twice as much as expected so far), we’re getting deeper and deeper in debt. I’m hoping we can get to New York, because I’m going to need a break later this year. I’ve also been asked to crew a sailboat in a massive world-recognized race next winter in the Caribbean. I really really really really want to go, but that can only happen after NYC. Blessed with opportunities down the road, if I can get through the next few months without burying myself in debt.

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