Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hectic Week

It’s been a hectic few days.
First off, the St. Paddy’s Day shows were awesome. I forgot how much fun it was to play live. And we made a decent bit of cash to boot!

Sunday Wife and I were up early to pack. I took apart my recording studio, packed up my instruments, and moved them all to the new house.
Monday night we packed and moved.
Yesterday I took the day off work, and we moved more crap. Wife’s sister was there to help, and we really benefitted from that. We moved 7 carloads of stuff. The kitchen has been moved (except for 2 glasses, 2 plates, 2 sets of cutlery, frozen French fries, and a frozen pizza). Most of our clothes have been moved, I have 4 days of attire assigned and sitting on a shelf.
We went out late last night to buy a vacuum cleaner, as we now have carpets. 9pm, Scarborough Wallmart. WOW. It was really skanky, and no particularly good deals. Ole reliable Canadian Tire, however, had exactly what we needed, in a clean, informed, screaming-child-free environment.

Today I hurt. I will eat a couple of Advils. I might have a couple more for a mid-afternoon snack. Then I’m packing and moving more stuff tonight.

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