Tuesday, November 23, 2010

As The Mouse Plays

The Wife has gone away for a few day. She's really busy with work, and this will be her last break before Christmas. So she's off staying with her parents.  This leaves me to my own devices.

I've got my own workload too: lots of overtime at work, so much that I have to skip school this week. Loads of homework for university. An entire album that requires vocal tracks.
So what did I do last night? After working late, I went for a beer with a coworker. Then to a local pub for another pint and dinner. After the meal, I took a walk in the unseasonably warm fog of downtown Toronto while smoking a cigar.

Then, home to bed. I enjoyed it so much, I might repeat the process tonight.

It's funny - 10 years ago I'd have bored myself senseless simply going for a solo meal and a walk. In my mid/late-thirties, it's just my speed. God, what will I be like in another decade?

1 comment:

  1. You'll be an old man yelling at the kids to "Get off my lawn!"

    True story!