Monday, November 22, 2010

A Man With A Plan

Not surprising, but I didn't will the $22million lottery on Saturday night. To be honest, the newly-revived blog would probably fall off my plate again.
However, I'm a planner. And here's my plan.

1. Charter a 2-week cruise on a small yacht. This is to ensure that I'm not about to make the biggest mistake of my life (see#4).
2. Give around $5,000,000 to friends and family.
3. Sign up for Maritime Navigation and Diesel Maintenance schooling.
4. Spend $1,000,000 (approx) on a 43' Nordhavn Trawler, and have it shipped to Toronto for spring.
5. Donate $3,000,000 to a handful of charities.
6. When Spring and the Nordhavn arrive, practice driving it on Lake Ontario for the summer. Along with it being somewhat familiar, the water is unpredictable and therefore a good place to learn.
7. Next Fall, head down the canal system to New York, down the US Atlantic coast, then over to the Bahamas for Winter#1. After that travel the world at my leisure, from the comforts of my new floating home. With lots of time spent anchored in places like this:

Hope is not yet lost, Wednesday's draw is for $25,000,000.  My plan can accommodate the budget change.

I hope The Wife wants to come, or we may have an issue...

1 comment:

  1. You forgot to pay taxes. Go directly to Jail, do not pass go. =)

    I'd go AWOL for awhile if I won the big one. And I'd evaluate who my true friends were by calling them all and asking them to help me move. Those who show up get some $$. Those who don't? Can flock off.

    OMG I think I might be a jerk!