Friday, November 26, 2010

Falling Over

Often, when flying to Mexico or Central America, my flights have left at around 6am. This means getting up at 2am to get to the airport. I experienced the exact same feeling this morning, getting up at 7am.
Between the average 5-hour-overtime shift each evening this week, the homework backlog, and family stress, I can barely stay vertical. On this morning's subway commute, I had to hold on to the poles for dear life - at each stop I nearly fell, and the driver wasn't especially reckless. I'm just so drained that I can't even keep my balance anymore.

Tonight: A little more overtime. Then hours of homework.
This weekend: More homework. And hopefully remembering to see a friend's band on Saturday night. Then more homework. I need to get the project finished this weekend so that I can catch up on my 3-week backlog of reading to prepare for the exam coming up in less than 3 weeks.

All this work is crashed and immediate because of the Christmas plans that fully occupy each weekend leading up to the 25th. I find them such a drain, but they're pretty much mandatory as a newlywed. However, since The Wife will be as drained as me by Xmas, we've decided to NOT see either family on Christmas weekend. We're going to hibernate and recover.


  1. Pace yourself, dude. Sleep is not a reward, it's a necessity. Make sure you get some! Signed, Mom. LOL!

    I like that you two are making Christmas plans based on your needs, not everyone elses'.

  2. Just reading this post made me want to take a nap!