Friday, November 12, 2010

More Money Than Cents

My wife and I have been married for 7 weeks. We have yet to pay down the (low) 5-figure debt from the wedding. We’re not too worried, it’s on an extremely low-interest credit line with a plan to wipe it off within a year.

So why do I have this urge to spend? When did I become such a consumerist?
I like watches and clocks, and always have. Last year I discovered Oris watches. I was offered a great deal on one, and decided to treat myself to a high-end piece of jewellery. A sexy black/silver piece on a black crocodile-leather strap.
Suddenly, it was June in Toronto. Lovely humidity, sunshine, heat. I started to sweat and realized that I would soon ruin the strap. I phoned the local Oris dealer, La Suisse, to price a steel strap for the watch. THREE HUNDRED & FIFTY DOLLARS!!!!!! No way, I might as well buy a second watch! So of course, I was offered a great deal on another (being viewed as a ‘repeat customer’ has benefits). So I bought a second one, a little less formal, more durable and casual. This one has a black rubber strap (infused with vanilla so as not to smell like a tire).
So now I want a steel strap for this one. It’s not as expensive as for the first watch strap (this one has a more common interhorn size), but still more costly than both my non-Oris watches combined!

I’m even eying cheap used Oris Diver models! WWWHHHHYYYYYYY???

My credit card is safely locked at home, I have set up my bank accounts and budgets to give me a minimal allowance, and I can only get more of my funds if I jump through self-imposed hoops.

But dammit, I want to spend. I want to spoil myself. I want to stop.

God, life is tough sometimes, ain't it?

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