Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hate Those That Pay Your Way

In Ontario, the Catholic School System is trying to avoid hosting any “anti-homophobia” clubs.  I understand their disapproval, their doctrine states that it’s a sin and should not be promoted.

In Ontario, the Catholic School System is publicly funded.  Yes, my atheist ass pays taxes that are passed on to pay for mis-education and brainwashing that not only opposes my beliefs but opposes ME.  I don’t know why this religious system is funded by the Ontario residents, but assume it has something to do with a past politician trying to secure a sectarian system without threatening a large portion of the populace.  Less than half, but still a big chunk of the voters.  According to the Toronto Star today, a poll by Forum Research Inc. found that 48% of Ontario residents believe we shouldn’t fund Catholic Schools, while 43% believe we should.
I’m not saying that we should revoke funding.  Yet.  A 48:43 ratio is too close to go through the process of reconstructing or deconstructing a huge provincial school system.  Perhaps when we get a 66% or 75% rating that might be brought up.

Having said that, the Catholic School System is publicly funded.  This implies that it should follow the morals of the public.  Views have changed in the last 2000- I mean 20- years.  Canadian society doesn’t oppose homosexuality like it once did.  The violence and hate that is propagated by the “religious right” has been going on for generations, and stopping it can only be achieved by proper education.  I’ve seen it first-hand.  I don’t think I was ever bullied for my sexuality.  I was bullied, but I think it was the regular “I’m bigger and dumber than you and I need to boost my self-esteem” type.  However I had a friend in high school that was beaten to death for being gay.  Friends have been gay-bashed.  Friends have had guns put to their heads.  Teenagers around the world are killing themselves because of the very real fear that they’ll be shunned or hated.  When I was training for my volunteer position with the Lesbian Gay Bi Youth Line a decade ago, I remember being told that most teen suicides are sexuality related.

And this all stems from a lack of acceptance.  This lack of acceptance stems from mis-education and brainwashing.  This mis-education and brainwashing is not all because of the Catholic School System, but it holds some of the blame.  And as a publicly-funded system, it cannot continue to turn our populace against itself.

For now, they need to drop the “anti-“ doctrine, perhaps focusing on the positive sides of the religion.  Perhaps focus on the “do unto others” side, the “love thy neighbor” teachings in the bible.  Until we can remove this school system completely from my list of bills to pay, that is…


  1. As a Catholic, I'm saying that we should revoke funding. It's ludicrous that taxpayers should be funding multiple school systems. As the saying goes, there can only be one.

  2. My kids have gone through the Catholic school system. Mostly because of my lapsed-Catholicism, I felt it was a good way to teach them about the religion I was born into and let them make their own decisions. Incidentally, both have decided religion is stupid.

    I've noticed too, that in my youngest kids' grade, there are more gay/bi kids than there ever were in my oldest kids' grade. Within the Catholic school. Open. Out there. And okay.