Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Looking Up

Yesterday I had trouble sleeping, so I took the day off work.
It ended up being a good “mental health day,” sleeping in, having brunch with a good friend on a sunny patio, and heading out to race sailboats during a “small craft warning.”

I also got an email yesterday telling me that my job has been transferred.   I start my new position on Monday.  Out of the half-dozen in my current group, I think mine is the only positive change.  I’ll have new challenges that I’ve been looking to address for a while, and the things I hate about my current position will be reallocated to others.  The new job will be more strict, I won’t get 2-hour pub lunches, I’ll have to arrive and leave at pre-set times as opposed to my current flexible schedule.  But hopefully the benefits will outweigh the negative.

We’ll see.


  1. Remember that thing I blogged about the other day and you said you knew some covertness that you would share? Well, share it, kind sir and I will be forever in your debt.

    A work change sounds like the change of scenery you need! Well, if winning the jackpot and living the high life isn't an option. :(

  2. Rox, do you mind emailing me your actual address? It might be easiest for me to simply throw them all on a CDR and mail to you. Otherwise an email address, although there might be too many for that. My email address is on my profile.