Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Darwinism Taking Hold?

At around 4:15 this morning, someone described as "a guy with no shoes" ran out of an apartment building and stole a snowplow.
He proceeded to drive around Toronto while being chased by the police (who were also tracking remotely via the plow's GPS system). At some time before 7am he rammed a police car, seriously injuring the officer.
A few minutes ago, the "guy with no shoes" was shot and has no vital signs (but the newscast has yet to declare 'dead').

What are you running from? Was it important enough to ram a police car and end up dead? If so, why didn't you steal a less-conspicuous vehicle?
Was it just a joyride?

Is this just Darwinism starting to thin the herd?


  1. Sounds like a drug addict or a person suffering from mental illness. Nice that they focused on his lack of footwear.

  2. Oh is he dead? I hadn't read that, but the police officer certainly is. My heart breaks for his wife and kid left behind. I mean, it wasn't even a huge stand-off. It's too bad if the perp was mentally ill and didn't get help in time. Must be more to is though as the guy also fired shots two times. Sad all round but I'm not sad that the ending was with the driver-dude dead if that's the case. I only wish he'd gotten help in time.

  3. Well, he lived. Not much is coming out about WHY he did it. The Toronto Star reported that he had 'no vital signs', but I guess the paramedics revived him.
    Not sure if that's a good thing though, if he's sane he'll spend the rest of his life in jail for killing a cop. I know i'd rather be dead...