Thursday, January 20, 2011


The news this morning was discussing the clip I've posted below.
Basically, a girl was walking through a mall and texting at the same time.  Oblivious to what was going on around her, she walked headstrong into a water fountain. She quickly jumped out and left the mall.
According to the newscast, she is contemplating suing the mall! Along with Security not finding her for 20 minutes, the other customers just laughed and jeered at her.

I'm out of patience with dummies like this. Seriously - how could anyone lay blame anywhere but at her feet? This instance hints at the surge of irresponsibility growing in society these days, along with the expectation to have one's desires met without earning them.

I saw this clip and thought it was hilarious. If I see someone walking on a collision course with me, if they don't look up in a reasonable time I DO NOT change my path. I have no objection to walking into someone who's distracting themselves. Maybe we should just paint signs on the bottom of each mall water fountain that says "Watch Where You're Going, DUMMY!"

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  1. Bwaahahahahhahahah!

    I stand still when I text, unless I have someone with me willing to hang onto me while I walk to prevent such things.

    OMG that is so damn funny! I have to watch it again. Thanks for sharing!