Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gearing Up

I'm really excited. 72 hours from now, OLK and I will be at Pearson Airport ready to board our charter flight to Antigua.
Why Antigua? I have no idea why, but I've always wanted to go there. It could be the yachts in Falmouth Harbour, Nelson's Dockyard, the world-class beaches around the entire island, the shipwrecks to dive… it could be any number of things. Honestly, it's probably just because Antigua is the first island listed alphabetically in lists of Caribbean islands.

Our passports were taken from the safe deposit box. Banks and credit card companies have been advised of where we'll be, so they don't put a hold on our cards. We bought our currency (both US and Eastern Caribbean dollars). Lactaid, bathing suits, and sunglasses bought. OLK's cousin will be cat-sitting for the week. Tonight I'm buying a new bag of catfood and sunscreen.

Then it's a matter of OLK getting a haircut and stuffing a few outfits into suitcases.

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