Wednesday, January 19, 2011


In ten days, OLK and I are going to Antigua for a week. To afford this Carribean holiday, we spent our honeymoon in… Halifax.

Preparations have started: I went to Chapters last night to buy a couple of books that varied from that "I shot up and walked onstage" story.
I chose my selections and approached the cashier. He thumbed through my three novels and look at me. "Irvine Welsh, interesting writer…"
"Yeah," I said. "I'm going on holiday and other than these it's Keith Richards and Ozzy Osbourne autobiographies."
"If you read all four of those books in a row, you'll probably be the strangest man in Toronto."
He's probably right.


  1. I need a good "I shot up and now I'm going onstage" book. I just finished a "my husband and I might not make it so let's climb Mount Kenya" book that left me feeling empty inside. Mostly because of all the talking about the warmth of the sun. =)

    Enjoy your holiday! Buy your wife a computer...

  2. If you're looking for "i shot up and now i'm going onstage," i'm betting nothing will beat "Life" by Keith Richards.
    For "let's climb Mount Kenya with my spouse," I'd recommend "The Sex Lives Of Cannibals" by J.Marten Troost. His wife got a job on a South Pacific atoll, and they moved to Kiribati for a couple of years. Fantastic book.