Friday, January 14, 2011

Bad Dreams

I had a strange dream last night. Life was normal, I lived in Toronto with my wife, same job, same appearance, etc… The only difference was that OLK wasn't my wife.
This was disturbing because (in the dream) I had just met OLK and realized that she was the woman for me. It was really upsetting because I was about to start my second divorce in half a decade!!
In mid-2006 I got married. We separated 9 months later, and haven't seen each other since. Then, in mid-2008 I met OLK, and my divorce was finalized at the same time. A year later, I proposed to OLK. Four months ago we were married.
So I'm in a good place, but don't have a good track record. The thought of ending another marriage was a nightmare. Literally. I was going to do it for OLK, but still… yikes. TWO failed marriages so quick? Not gonna happen.

I was glad to wake up and notice OLK beside me.


  1. OLK likes waking up to you too. Especially when you wake up and A) you're feeling frisky or B) you're getting up and leaving me the whole cosy bed to stretch out on for the next couple of hours before I have to get up....

  2. I've been reading your words since 2006?! Wow.

    I think OLK is the one for you. You seem happy with her. Your dreams are just shining a spotlight on your insecurity, you know you have a good thing and you don't want to lose that, not even in your dreams. Did you eat popcorn before bed, cuz that shit will fuck up a good night sleep! :)