Tuesday, January 4, 2011


OLK (wife) and I are lazy.  We decided months ago that we wanted to avoid the crowded Toronto streets on New Years Eve.  We wanted to avoid the subway, the bars, and the obnoxious drunken strangers on New Years Eve.  Instead, we offered to host the party.  A quick trip (or two) to the liquor store beforehand, and all we had to do was unlock the door and wash some dishes afterwards.
We had around a dozen friends over for a relaxed evening of laughter, food, and drink.

I don't normally believe in New Years Resolutions, I've usually believed that if you need to promise yourself something then the date shouldn't matter.  However, this year I've made a resolution.
In some ways, my life is better than it has ever been.  I have a great wife, unbelievable friends, (relative) job security, food, a roof over my head, a swimming pool four floors above that....   But in a couple of areas, my life has never been worse.  And those are aspects that I can't post about online.  Not permanent situations, but still bad for the time being.
My resolution is to cut down on my bitching and whining.  And also to be a little more patient with the fucktards that populate my city.  Two, two resolutions.  The first because I am working to make the negative situations pay off.  And the second because if I get angry every time a moron shows their true colours I'll have a stroke.
I have to accept that the bad parts of my life will make me stronger, and that the morons will become victims of Darwinism (at it's most vengeful).

On the Dementia side, my mum is still in the hospital.  OLK and I are headed down to celebrate a belated Christmas with my family this weekend, and will spend some of it visiting her.  I don't know how much of it will be there, as I haven't seen her since October and don't know the damage firsthand yet, but it'll be as much as I can handle.
And then we'll have a few drinks with an old friend from "back home."

It'll be an expensive weekend though.  Along with the car rental ($175), we want to avoid spending the night at my parents' house.  One, we don't want to be a burden - my parents always insist on playing host, and we don't want to put them through the worry.  Two, their guestroom is f'ing cold!  So for another $150, we get a warm, private, hotel room.

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  1. I figured out who the wife was by clicking through the blogs you read and had a laugh that she refers to herself as OLK.

    I think it's critical to get a hotel room when you're visiting a sick relative. You will need a place to regroup your feelings, that's for sure. I hope you have a nice visit.

    Happy New Year! I resolve to be a better bitch this year. That's about all I can handle.