Friday, January 21, 2011


I started my latest course at University last night. This is the last of my 8-course program.
It was a strange first night. Almost everyone in the room knew each other. I was having a conversation with someone I'd studied with last fall, when someone from my Procurement Management course (early 2009) walked over. Turns out they had worked together too!
It was a very communal evening. Everyone cracking jokes and mumbling "oh, I forgot he did that…" occasionally. We all seemed to appreciate being in a group of knowledgeable, like-minded people with the same goals in mind.

The only downside was having to read a history on Quantity Surveying.

But it looks like it might be a good end to my education.

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  1. the end is near! Enjoy your vacay and then soon all the studying will be behind you.