Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's A Cat's World

Last night Wife put up our little Christmas tree. on a table  As we have a small apartment, the 2-foot model will more than suffice.

As soon as it was set up, Lou (cat) crept over to inspect it.  He tapped a couple of balls, lightly bit a plastic branch, and sniffed around.  While he did this, he kept a cautious eye on me thinking he was probably misbehaving and expecting to get into trouble for his actions.  After a few minutes, he curled up beside the tree on the white faux-fur base.
At that point, Andy (other cat) decided to investigate.  She niffed a branch, and Lou jumped up to swat her away.  The tree had quickly become HIS turf.
A few minutes later, Lou seemed to be asleep.  Andy snuck up to the other side of the tree to check it out again.  She spent a few seconds poking and sniffing, before Lou noticed.  He leapt around the tree again, but this time I raised my voice at him.  He stopped, looked at me, looked at Andy, and then at the tree.  He left the table and ran to the other side of the room.  Once there, he quickly found Andy's favourite toy, started playing with it and squealed with delight.  Andy got upset and ran over to take her toy back. 
This left the tree vacant, so Lou could run back to his guardpost.  Ruse completed.


  1. There has been alot of Cat-tivity around my tree too. Every time the dog goes near it, the cat chases him away and the dog growls and snaps. It's been a gong show around here for days!

  2. That's fantastic. I can just picture it.