Friday, December 3, 2010

Watch That Man

I have a thing for watches and clocks, I always have. Over the last year, I have become a fan of Oris watches in particular.

Luckily I have a "Watch Guy." A friend who buys these pricey pieces at roughly 50% of their Canadian cost, tacks on another 25% for himself, and sells them at a "25% discount" to the local over-priviledged.
As a fairly smart guy, he gets a non-refundable deposit before ordering the watches. And every once in a while, the buyer changes his mind after paying the deposit. This is where the 'friend' aspect comes into play. He'll turn around and offer us the discount (and not add his fee).

I've bought 2 so far, paying around 35% of the final cost. I sold one, and actually made a profit! Then I used that profit to upgrade to an even BETTER one!

I like my watches, it reinforces my general impatience.


  1. I recently read an article in a woman's magazine that said if you want to look younger, stop wearing watches. It ages you. How so? Well, all "the kids" nowdays are carrying cell phones and just checking them for the time. I'm cool.

    HA! Nice watch though, dude.

  2. I miss wearing watches. I need to get mine fixed. I like your one. It's a good addiction