Thursday, December 9, 2010


The overtime at work has calmed down, thankfully. And after writing a 2000-word 'risk analysis', I took a few days away from school to get myself vertical again.
It helped, but only for a time. Now I'm scrambling again - either re-editing the analysis because my classmate doesn't understand the concept, or studying for the most impractical exam I'll (hopefully) ever take.
The mid-term exam showed me what this prof is like… Instead of focussing on practical utilizations of the taught theories, he wants us to memorize lists.
Really, if I'm working on a construction site and am approached by a man saying "We have a problem with CCDC Concept 3" and nothing else, I will likely fire him on the spot for not saying "We have a problem with the masonry - the bricks are crumbling."
However, the prof thinks it's more important that I remember what all 16 CCDC concepts are.
And don't forget that it's apparently more important that I know the NAMES of the 3 bond types than what they're used for. Because if I try to buy a bond saying "I want a bond to protect against possible liens from unpaid sub-contractors" they won't know what I mean. But if I say "I want a Time&Materials Bond" without knowing what it's for, that's okay…. Nonsense.

Anyway, I've got that exam next week. Then 3 weeks off to hide from the world and recuperate before hitting the books for another 4-month marathon.

I think at this point the last 3 years of 10-months-per-year nightschool is taking it's toll. I should be able to cover the amount of homework I've got right now, with my professional workload on top, but after this long a run I'm exhausted mentally and physically. My body aches day and night, and my brain grumbles to itself (hopefully nobody else hears it).

Oh, and I'm nearly finished my new album. All the music has been recorded, I just have the vocals left to do. Unfortunately, in this state, I can't put a good performance together to record. I've been trying, but it's just not coming out the way I need it to, I don't have the time or energy to give what is needed. And THAT's probably the most frustrating of all of this.


  1. I was looking into courses yesterday. Reading this, I'm now totally terrified to get me some education. What if I burn out? Oh wait, I don't have a job too. Fuck man, you gotta pace yourself. Sleep when you can. =)

  2. It's hard as hell to balance school with full-time work. One of my colleagues just finished her master's. Such a relief. Is the end in sight for you soon?