Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Unwrapping Christmas

We had a good plan this year.  For our first Christmas, Wife and I decided not to do anything with anybody.
We'll be seeing her family this coming weekend (after our NewYear's bash - email me if you didn't get the FB invite), and mine the weekend after that.

Christmas eve was spent reading, curled up on the sofa while Wife baked cookies.  And shooting down her repeated requests to open gifts early.
Christmas morning we woke up, put on a pot of coffee, and got to the prezzies.  Wife gave me an awesome display case for my watch collection, and the full set of Arrested Development DVDs.  Somehow I had NEVER seen this show before - it's pretty awesome and we've already watched Season 1.
Wife opened her gifts, but I'll let her describe them if she posts it on her own blog.  They were risks, but I think she likes them.

I phoned my family to wish them well, only to discover that my mother has been hospitalized for most of the last week and probably won't be coming home anytime soon.  She's deteriorating pretty quickly.  While it's bad that she's not well, I (and her doctor) wanted her hospitalized previously so at least now she's where she needs to be.  Still, it was a shock to find out this way.

After that, we did nothing.  We read, watched movies, hibernated. I haven't left the apartment in almost 4 days.  Today that will change - I have to buy Xmas gifts for my family before going for dinner with a couple of friends.  And that's the other benefit to a "new family" Christmas - it should be easier to find what we need now, as opposed to 2 weeks ago.

Then tomorrow it's back to work for 3 days before another long weekend.  If there was ever a benefit to corporate enslavement, it's the time off...


  1. Your wife has a blog?!

    I'm sorry to hear that your family chose not to call you and let you know what was going on with your mom. I'm relieved to know that she's in the hospital where she will be safe.

    I can't even imagine going shopping again until at lease February. I'm so over the whole thing! =)

  2. Old Lady Katy. I suppose I could call her something other than WIFE... lol

  3. That hibernation stint was a blessing. What a great way to spend much-needed time off.

    I'm so sorry to read about your mum but at least as you note she is getting the care she needs.