Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The New 'It'

I've got a thing for watches, as I've said before. And I'm trying to fight this consumerist/ greedy nature of mine.

I already have 2 super-expensive Oris watches, an Artelier Date and a BC3 Advanced. And when I bought each one, I thought "this is it."
Now there's a new "it." A Limited Edition Duke Ellington tribute model. I saw one for sale about 8 months ago, but didn't buy it. And I've regretted it ever since. So now there's another one available.
I don't have any money, just lots of credit. This would simply mean adding another month to my debt-repayment schedule. That's not a big deal. But I'm hesitant because I'm just buying another watch. I don't NEED another watch. I dislike this yuppie side of me that keeps blowing money on trinkets. I spend thousands of dollars on "things," and wonder why I'm still in the red. I wish I could go back to how I lived when I earned $240/week (but able to buy food this time). And that DID NOT include luxury watches…

I need to learn some restraint. To stop buying stuff for stuff's sake.  But just look at the etching on the back...

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