Monday, December 13, 2010

I Don't Like Mondays Either

Coffee and a handful of Advil, that's a good Monday breakfast right?
That's the point I'm at. Every muscle in my body aches. When I try to sleep, I can't. When I have something to do, I fall asleep. On subway trains, I hold on for dear life. At each stop I nearly fall.

This morning, I was surprised to see that little reserve that we all keep hidden away. At the (outdoor, above-ground) subway station, I was in the crowd of people coming down the icy steps as the train pulled into the station. Suddenly, the guy ahead of me slipped. He shot towards the train and ended up hanging over the tracks from the waist down! Another commuter and I grabbed his coat and yanked as hard as we could. His feet crossed back over the yellow boundary about a half a second before the train would have taken them. The young man stood up, shook the snow off himself, grinned and thanked us, and walked on down the platform.

This quick reaction actually shocked me. Normally I would have stopped and stared for a second to see if he actually needed help, and THEN done something if necessary. Not to mention, I'm tired. A minute later, after NOT getting on the packed train, I briefly dozed standing up, with -24C wind blasting my face.

On the family front, my brother can't seem to answer the questions I'm asking about my mum. My dad takes her to the doctor, and (after his stroke) he can't tell us the details. My brother seems to be happy that she's in good spirits and her mobility has improved. It doesn't seem to matter that she thinks she's travelling the world looking for dead relatives… I've asked him specific questions, and he hasn't bothered to answer them. He's just that laid-back "roll with the flow" guy that I am NOT.
So this morning I'm calling my parents' GP. He's known my family for thirty years and hopefully will be able to give me the information I need. If he can't disclose, I'm sure he'll tell me how to arrange it.


  1. I hope you get some answers soon about your mom. It's hard being away and relying on others to give you the details you crave, especially if you're detail-oriented and they are not. Try to be patient.

    The subway story freaked me out! You're a hero! =)

  2. My heart stopped reading the subway story. And my heart breaks reading about your mum and you trying to get answers. I imagine that it's your mum who took main care of your sisters too.