Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ikea: Swedish for “Gimme Yer Money!”

Last night Wife and I went to Ikea. We needed a few last items to get the new house set up how we want it.

We bought a wooden “kitchen island” as we’re seriously short on counter space. It’s already full, with beer, mix, and chips for Saturday’s housewarming party. As well, we bought a big cupboard/ wardrobe thingy, also for the kitchen. There’s a big empty space in one corner, not quite enough for a breakfast table, but big enough to be noticeably vacant. This is where we’ve been keeping the cleaning supplies, the vacuum cleaner, and the spot cleaner (damned bulimic cat). I hate actually seeing all that crap crowded into the corner, so I was happy to spend a bit of cash to contain it all. Besides, now I have somewhere to hang my awesome sailboat calendar!

My wallet is incredibly light at the moment, and my Visa bill is heavy. But it was important. Now the only lacking item is Wife’s workroom desk, so we can get the f’ing sewing machine off the dining room table and stop finding threads all over the living room. That desk should be coming in a few weeks… Other than that, it’s officially HOME.

Oh, and we bought a small rug for the entrance area. For some reason the co-op left it bare concrete, and that’s just weird. I saw a really fun childrens’ rug that I wanted. Fake grass, with roads and a farmhouse for the toys to be played on. Wife didn’t think it was suitable…

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  1. For the love of god, let her choose the rug! LMAO!