Monday, April 30, 2012

Water Weekend

I had a great weekend.
I got up early Saturday morning to go sailing. After a few hours on Lake Ontario, we headed back to land for thawing, drinks, and dinner. The whole crew felt like we had just had a massage, it was so relaxing (if a bit cold).
Sunday morning, Wife’s alarm clock went off as she was getting up for church. I opened one eye, and asked “I’ve got a lot of stuff to do today, but think maybe I should go sailing instead. What do you think?” Wife answered “go sailing.” And so I did. Five more hours on a C&C 29, with VERY gusty conditions. I bought brand-new sailing gloves last week with lots of leather in the palm. After riding the mainsheet for a couple of hours, there’s a line worn out in the leather, where the rope was! I think they’re already more worn out than the pair I wore all last summer! But that’s a good thing, it means I got my money’s worth on the boat.  It was great to spend time with friends, it was great to spend time on the boats. 

I’m heading back out on the water Thursday night, and then next week the regular season starts.

“If you need to, need to reach me, you can find me, this is where I’ll be…”

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  1. Are you quoting Christopher Cross or Popeye? LOL! Either way, sail on, sailor boy!